Personal 3D Rendering Engine

This is a personal project of mine, focused on the learning of graphics programming with both DirectX11 and DirectX12. This work is split between two projects and repos, with each focused on a different graphics API.

With the DirectX11 repo, I have practiced and implemented most of the advanced graphics techniques I've learned. These are mostly post-processes of varying kinds, as well as particle effects and various lighting techniques. This project uses Dear ImGUI for the UI. I plan to tackle compute shaders in the near future.

Next up is the DirectX12 repo. DirectX12 was much different from what I anticipated at first. As DX12 is a lot more explicit with the information the GPU expects, I developed an Asset-management and creation system. My project could then read JSON files and create specific DirectX12 objects and processes from those files. For debugging, I learned to use PIX before I could finally move on to replicating some of the techniques I had previously implemented in DX11. I intend to implement some ray-tracing next.


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