Buff Brawlers

Buff Brawlers Image

Core gameplay designer and card production manager for a fast-paced, whimsical party card game meant for all ages.

Tabletop Simulator Edition

Print and Play Edition

Lost and Found: New Harvest

Lost and Found Image

Gameplay designer and website manager for the second main game in the Lost and Found series. I ran playtests, developed core mechanics and cards, and assisted in developing and maintaining the website for the game.

Lost and Found Website

Project Primis

Project Ultimmus Image

A 3d first-person shooter that takes heavy inspiration fromm the Call of Duty zombies series and Apex Legends. Select your character and survive the endless hordes of zombies and other monsters while you complete objectives like destroying a dam, obtaining sunken treasure or flying through the skies to safety!

Dragon Slayers of Ethshar

Dragon Slayers of Ethshar Game Cover Art

Core mechanical and UI/UX designer for a co-operative adventure card game based in the world of Ethshar.

Tabletop Simulator Edition