Hello! I am Justin Neft, a student at Rochester Institute of Technology who is studying Game Design and Development, with a minor in German and Creative Writing. I have always had a passion for crafting games and experiences that bring joy and laughter to those who partake, and my goal is to reach bigger and wider audiences with my works in the future. I specialize in software development, game design and product management.


I want to design games that are inventive, fun and reach to people on an emotional level. I think it's important to challenge standards of the mediums, while still providing an enjoyable experience to players, as well as pushing the idea of what games can be capable of.


I enjoy playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons socially. In my personal time I also develop games that I myself would like to play, as I think they could be interesting twists and evolutions of some of my most beloved games. I also regularly read interesting novels and game design books. Lastly, I love cooking and baking and I try and work out regularly for personal health.